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How to Carry a Baby in a Sling

Carrying children in slings creates a better bond between the parent and child, insists supporters of babywearing, but at what cost? A recent article in Australian newspaper The Age draws attention again to the fact that, if a baby is carried incorrectly in a sling, he or she can suffocate to death. The newspaper quotes experts telling parents to be watchful of their babies in slings.

As The Age mentions, not all parents are aware of the safety hazards of baby slings. Still, the Australian Competition and Consumer Committee, which issued the warning about slings, is developing safety standards for these popular baby carriers.

As we discussed before, baby carriers can face forwards and backwards, but how a baby is positioned is crucial. If you own a sling and are uncertain about how to use it, keep in mind the following points, courtesy of New York Times’ Motherload, and watch the video below:

• The baby should be in the same curved position as it is in your arms. The sling should not be loose enough that the baby moves away from the parent.
• The baby’s head should be close enough for the parent to kiss without bending.
• The sling must be tight enough around the parent and baby.
• The baby’s face should always be visible – never covered by fabric.
• When using the sling, parents should not feel back or neck pain. Otherwise, the carrier is being worn incorrectly.

A bond between the parent and child is important but not at the expense of the baby’s safety. Although instructions may not accompany a sling, find out beforehand how to position and carry a baby. If you need visuals for the steps above, watch the following video below for putting on a baby sling and positioning your baby inside: