Should You Overspend with Children?

How much is too much when you consider spending with new children? Some parents, especially those with their first child, want the best for their child. Starting from the beginning, this may be the finest clothing and the most sturdy and beautiful furniture. But, after a while, practicality sets in, and new parents see that, after two years, many of the high-quality furniture and clothing they purchased can no longer be used. At this point, what do you do?

Some keep the designer baby furniture for future children, while others end up giving it away to second-hand stores. Then, because a child has grown significantly from a baby into a toddler, more furniture and clothing need to be purchased at some point.

Does the pattern of wanting to spend on your child ever end?

A recent article suggests, however, that you can spend but still be reasonable. For example, don’t go for the most expensive baby pieces, when you know a child will grow out of it in a few years. The same goes for clothing. Some pieces can be purchased second hand, particularly if you know a child will grow out of it quickly. Others, instead, should be durable, particularly the crib and basic baby clothing, but “durable” doesn’t always mean “expensive.”

Another possibility is investing in children’s furniture that’s convertible and multipurpose. Convertible cribs are one option. These beds start out as ordinary cribs and, when a child starts growing, the crib folds out into a toddler-size bed that can be used for a few years. In this case, the bed you purchased for your baby will last until the child is about four or five years old. Additionally, other basic pieces for a child’s room, such as dressers and tables, can be purchased as high-quality furniture in adult sizes, particularly as a child won’t be using many of these for a few years.

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