Disney Baby Announces New Collection of Baby Products

Disney Baby Minnie MouseDo you have a soft spot for Disney characters and want baby products with a similar theme? While such toys, sheets, and strollers aren’t relatively difficult to find, all frequently come in an array of pastel shades. The “with it” parent, these days, stays away from such hues and, instead, has taken a bolder approach. The new Disney Baby Minnie Mouse collection has such character.

Announced last week, the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse collection, with the exception of darker plum hues, isn’t particularly new. In fact, several other brands of strollers have already gotten in on the trend. But, if you’ve envisioned a Disney-themed room for your baby, go beyond Minnie Mouse Trumpette socks with your baby’s toys, furniture, and clothing.

That being said, Graco’s new collection has five types of baby products, most of them dual purpose. Although the press release goes into greater detail, these include:
• Nursery furniture, such as a rocking seat that turns into a bassinet and can be carried from room to room. For stimulation purposes, each has a toy bar and a mobile that plays classical music and soothing nature sounds.
• Dinner furniture, which is self-explanatory.
• On-the-Go items, such as a stroller and car seat. With modern features in mind, the strollers are lightweight, effortlessly turn around corners, and are easy to fold up or out. Graco car seats, which integrate in with many other stroller models, can also be used with the Minnie Mouse collection.
• Playtime Toys, which, much like the rocking seat, are made to soothe a baby. This device offers multiple seating positions and a choice of speeds.

If a Disney theme and bold colors are the theme for your baby’s room, clothing, and toys, find even more possibilities with classic characters through Dada Baby Boutique.


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