Big Box Retailers Grappling for Baby Products Market

Big Box Retailers Baby BoutiquesWhen it seemed like the internet is already saturated with countless baby retailers, The Globe and Mail mentions the big box stores are all fighting for a piece of the market. While such news seems late (Amazon and Walmart haven’t yet realized how popular baby products are?), the piece indicates that those already established online will soon have some competition.

With the situation called a “retail war,” larger establishments, such as Target, Sears, Amazon, and Walmart are just now tapping into the wealth of internet parenting culture, from mommy blogs to baby stores. just launched a baby store, while Target, according to the Globe and Mail, is giving greater emphasis toward such products. These two, plus others, are additionally observing online baby trends, including corresponding with bloggers or taking note of popular products.

But, in terms of drawing business, will parents suddenly gravitate toward big box retailers? Such large, all-encompassing stores, at least from the statements in the Globe and Mail piece, seem oblivious and behind the times. And, a shopping experience online might be akin to walking around one of those large stores; you scour aisles looking for just a simple item – say, organic diapers – and end up going around the entire establishment and wasting time in your pursuit.

The internet has become a necessary platform for modern-day parents, from forums to knowledgeable bloggers to specialty retailers. And, in the present, such specialty retailers already dominate their niche markets. A specialty, such as diaper cakes, for instance, develops brand association and reliability and creates an image.

With a great range of already-established retailers, from high-end baby boutiques to stores for renting baby clothes, the internet has turned into a place for specialty baby products, mompreneurs, and connections between parents who might not always have time to leave the house. So, with this culture established, do big box retailers now investing in baby products have a chance, or are they simply out of the loop?


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